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Spencer Fire was formed in 1998 as a fire protection company promoting, designing and installing Domestic Fire Sprinklers. This resulted from a fire in a recycling plant adjacent to Doug Spencer's home. Fortunately, the fire was quickly extinguished and no injuries or major losses occurred. Purely due to an extremely unlikely series of events, the nearest fire appliances were attending incidents and the next nearest appliance was 8 miles away. The only road from Rawtenstall to Bacup, was traffic logged at tea-time and Doug started to wonder, what would happen if a fire occurred at his home? After a series of coincidental meetings, Doug heard about Domestic Fire Sprinklers. These life saving fittings had been installed in the USA for over 40 years at the time but, had not been promoted in the UK. Many other countries including New Zealand, Australia and Canada have Domestic Fire Sprinklers fitted in homes so why not in Britain?

After many months of research, self-learning and hard work, Doug discovered that YES Domestic Fire Sprinklers are available in Britain and that a small organisation was pushing for them, the trouble being, NO-ONE in the North of Britain knew anything about them. Working with a couple of like-minded people, Doug started to spread the word to companies, Fire Services and Councils in the North of England. NOW, Life saving Domestic Fire Sprinklers are fitted in many homes throughout the UK and Wales has just passed laws that ALL new build properties should have them installed.

Domestic Fire Sprinklers ARE the BEST form of fire protection for any home. Read more, here: Domestic Fire Sprinklers

Resulting from the research that Doug was undertaking for Domestic Fire Sprinklers and him trying to find affordable and reliable fire protection for homes, he found that many businesses were, and sadly many still are, paying absolutely incredible amounts for basic Fire Extinguishers. The average cost at the time was 90:00 for a 9 Litre WATER Fire Extinguisher. He realised that savings could be made for businesses and so again, after a lot of expense, training and research, in 1999, Spencer Fire started undertaking Fire Extinguisher Servicing. NEW, 9 Litre WATER Fire Extinguishers were sold at.....36:00. As a result of keeping up to date with developments and sourcing from different UK suppliers, Spencer Fire now sell 9 Litre WATER Fire Extinguishers for ...... 38:00 individually or 28 for 5+ Units!!!. As always, this includes the cost of commissioning service, fitting and signage!

Fire Safety Laws for businesses were changed in October 2001 after many delays. Doug Spencer was the first Fire Protection business owner to undertake Fire Risk Assessment training at the Fire Service College, Moreton-in-March, Gloucestershire. The Regulatory Reform Order - Fire Safety, is a piece of legislation that has had a massive impact on businesses. Although being rather confusing in some aspects, the idea that a business should actually provide detection, warning and fire fighting equipment for specific risks is brilliant!! Doug has kept up to date with regulation and continues to research and learn better, more cost effective ways of not only compliance with the RRO, but also fire protection for businesses and their customers and staff. Fire Risk Assessments are an integral part of a business and should be undertaken by a well trained person.

As you can see, Spencer Fire try and lead the way in Fire Protection. This can be advising new and existing businesses, consulting with architects, designers or fire safety officers. Spencer Fire always try to keep costs low to ourselves and the customer. Doug has always said that anyone undertaking our range of services for less, are not doing the job properly. They are either NOT giving the correct service and fully complying with the many Laws, Regulations and British standards OR are fly by nights, just after making some quick money from the gullible.

Spencer Fire, and especially Doug, undertake most of the services provided in house!. Where, for instance Fire Alarms, Doug feels we are weak, he has built up relationships with like minded companies who focus on getting it right at the right price. We will always inform you, WHO is going to do work for you and WHY we have out-sourced. You will ALWAYS have a named contact and telephone number for not just Spencer Fire but also the recommended company.

Spencer Fire's reputation is EXCELLENT throughout the country. Doug expects it to remain so. If you EVER have cause for concern, you can always ring Doug Spencer's mobile number: 07815 455042.


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