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Domestic and Residential fire sprinklers are life savers! No other affordable fire protection beats the safety record of domestic fire sprinklers.

Fire sprinklers were originally fitted to commercial properties and the first viable and automatic ones were fitted in the Cotton Spinning Mills of John Stones & Company, at Astley Bridge, Bolton. Lancashire, around 1880. Sadly, it was not until the 1970's that a domestic version was developed in the USA, where today, these life and property saving systems are mandatory in many cities. The Welsh parliament has just passed legislation to ensure that all new build properties are fitted with fire sprinklers!

Spencer Fire specialise in the design and installation of domestic and residential fire sprinklers for the retro-fit market. This includes incorporating domestic fire sprinklers into not just existing properties but also into properties that have been extended or modified. Loft conversions, for instance, can lead to problems with fire safety that, domestic fire sprinklers can be used to overcome. British Standards BS9251 is the relevant standard that relates to domestic fire sprinkler design and installation into properties in the UK. The American Standard NFPA 13D was used as the basis to this. The American's have been fitting Domestic Fire Sprinklers for over 50 years!

Sadly, because of how the British Standard was drawn up, Domestic Fire Sprinklers are NOT as cheap as Spencer Fire would like to see them. The American Standard recognises many things that, domestic sprinklers need to be affordable for people to fit them and so allows many more trade-offs, whilst maintaining the effectiveness of the domestic fire sprinkler system.

Spencer Fire ALWAYS work with our clients to find the most affordable and practical method of installation of our domestic fire sprinkler systems. This can include talking with Fire Officers and Local Authority Officers to agree with modified designs that fully protect your property and life, more affordably.

There will be some (rare) situations where additional works over and above the domestic fire sprinkler system are required. Spencer Fire will test the water supply to your property to ensure that it is sufficient to provide enough water to the fire sprinkler systems. Occasionally, either a new water supply will be required or an additional pump. For more information about Domestic Fire Sprinklers, CLICK HERE. This will take you to our dedicated information page OR contact me, Doug Spencer on the numbers below or via email.


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