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Prevention is better than cure!

A Fire Risk Assessment is a LEGAL requirement for ALL businesses. The rules surrounding whether a documented or informal one is required are quite confusing. The BEST solution is to document your Fire Risk Assessment. Strictly speaking, if you employ less than FIVE employees, including yourself and family members, you need not document the findings of you Fire Risk Assessment. However, and this is where a lot of business owners become confused, if you employ more than FIVE employees in total, even over different sites and even different Counties, Towns and Cities then a documented Fire Risk Assessment MUST be undertaken on ALL premises. THIS IS A LEGAL REQUIREMENT under Fire Safety Law.

The basics of a Fire Risk Assessment are simple, to prevent a fire occurring, if a fire does occur be able to Detect and Warn other occupants of the building, have adequate and appropriate Fire Fighting Equipment and have maintenance schedules and contracts in place.

The reality of Fire Risk Assessment is that it is extremely complex and (being totally honest) is beyond most business people. A Fire Risk Assessment undertaken by Spencer Fire examines not just the visible parts of your building but also ALL accessible spaces as well as looking carefully at how your business operates.

Your Fire Risk Assessment when completed will inform you of what fire risks you may have, the appropriate Fire Alarm system you may need and additional or change of Fire Extinguishers as well as advice on Emergency Lighting and Escape and Mandatory Signage. A Logbook will be provided to you so that you can record ALL Fire Safety information and records. Upon completion of your Fire Risk Assessment, Spencer Fire will arrange for any additional work to be carried out through one of our carefully selected partners.

Spencer Fire is also able, as an addition to your Fire Risk Assessment, to provide a Business Continuance Plan for you to follow in the unlikely event of Fire or other disaster. This plan could be vital to keep your business operating and retain customers whilst recovering from a fire. Loss of custom is a major reason why many businesses that suffer a Fire or other disaster, never fully recover.

Please CONTACT US to arrange for a Fire Risk Assessment at your premises. Please DO read our Terms and Conditions  before you contact us as these form an important part of the business contract between us.


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